02 September, 2011


Hi Everyone

It is my turn, Jules, to share with you my creation for the lovely Paula's challenge where she wants us to create a project on the theme of


For me the seaside means the beach .. .. ... the beach makes me think of sand .. .. .. the sand makes me think of sandcastles and that in turn means windmills!!

So here are my windmills .. . . ..

These windmills are just so easy to make and I thought you might like a quick tutorial on how I made them .. .. then you can have a play too.

To begin with you start off with a square of paper.  The larger ones here were made with a 6" square of paper which has been been printed on both sides with gorgeous patterns from the Colour Me Happy CD.

So you can see my markings I have just used plain paper here:

1.   Take your 6 x 6" square and mark the centre by placing your ruler diagonally across the square and marking at 4.25 inches.

2.  Then from the left hand edge draw a line from the corner to 3.5 inches

3.  Then draw a second line from the 5 inch mark to the right hand edge.

4.  Turn your paper round and do the same along the other diagonal line.

Without the ruler blocking your view your square will now look like this

5.  Next cut along the four lines you have drawn

6.  Then make a holes in four corners as shown and one in the centre.  I used my little tool for cutting eyelet holes but you can just as easily use your pokey tool or a hole punch.

7.  Fold one of your corners into the centre lining up the holes. 

8.  Work your way around the square in an anti-clockwise direction until all of the holes are lined up on top of each other.  Then thread a brad through all the holes and layers and open up the legs of the brad on the back to secure them.

9.  To finish off I simply glued my windmill to a kebab stick but you can use a stronger wooden stick and secure it with a map pin .. .. .. then yours will turn round .. .. unlike mine that just sit and look pretty in a vase LOL!!!  They will last longer than flowers!!

Once you have made one that will be it .. .. the little tiny one was made using a 2 inch square of paper.

So what does "AT THE SEASIDE" mean to you?

It would be lovely to see a project from you .. .. all you have to do is follow the theme and use at least one Funky Hand product .. .. you could even win a download of your choice!!

Anice has even provided you with a freebie paper in case you don't own any just yet. 
You can find it here

Thank very much everyone .. .. I'll catch you again soon.

Love Jules xx


  1. They are lovely Jules, and what a fab idea as a decoration in a vase, I am also thinking great with Christmassy paper too !

  2. Great windmills and they take me back to my childhood which was a LONG time ago!!

  3. Great tutorial Jules and wonderful creations as well!!
    Anice xx

  4. Hi Jules

    These are sooo puurrrrittyyyyyy!!!

    Thanks for a great tutorial - I can now see where I went wrong when I last made some (or tried to)!!!

    Paula x x x


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