15 June, 2014

Happy Fathers Day to 50% of the world!

Now, don't quote me on my figures in the title of this post..I completely made up 50% of the world are men. If I could be bothered I could Google the information but that isn't why I'm here today.

I want to show you the Fathers Day cards I made for the Fathers requiring cards from my house!

These are the cards I created for my Dad and Ians Dad.  I created the toppers myself using Photoshop.  The idea for the 'Established' years came from a T'Shirt that I saw on Pinterest.

Here's bit of a closer look at the card for Ians Dad.  The papers that I have used are from the Funky Hand backing paper collection, Boys Will Be Boys.

I decided to keep them very plain for two reasons, they are mens cards so, no opportunity for pretties to be added and second they both had to go in the post.

 I always feel that just adding a few doodle lines on the papers on a mans card can really liven them up and also give them a contemporary feel. Which is my style of card making no matter how I try to branch out!

So, there you go.  My Fathers Day cards for this year.  Talking of years..yes I was born in the 60's, yes I am that old!

Speak again soon,
Anice xx


  1. These are fabulous Anice.I bet both Dads loved them.great idea too.Hugs Debbie x

    1. Thankfully they did like them Debbie :)
      Anice xx


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