01 August, 2013

A little hope

Hello, hello. Tabbatha here again on this fine Thursday and I'm here to show you another creation using the fabulous Just For Jen Downloads.

The card is close to my heart, as I'm sure it is for so many out there. The Just For Jen download is the perfect shades of pink for a breast cancer awareness card, so I knew that I just had to use it. Plus, did you know that for every download purchased Funky Hand will donate £1.00 to Cancer Research. So yeah, get yourself the Just For Jen set now! :D

This is one of those super simple cards that you can make, all you need is 2 or 4 coordinating papers and a die or cut file in the shape that you want. In fact, I'll be spelling out two different ways in which to pull off this card. The first way is by using a die and a die machine such as a Big Shot, while the second technique is done an electronic cutter, in this case a Silhouette Cameo.

Technique 1 - Die + Die Machine
2 coordinating papers - printed out
1 square white cardstock (I used a 13.5x13.5 cm square)
Die of your choice

How to put it together:
Since my blank card is 13.5x13.5, I did a little division and figured out that the middle of the card would be 6.75cm, which means that each panel would be 6.75x6.75 cm. With that done (the math is the hardest bit to this!), I cut four panels of the coordinating files.

To get the cutting just right,  flip over the four panels and line them up so they would make the square. Use some low tack tape to tape each panel to each other. Alternatively, the panels could be adhered to some scrap paper. The idea here is that the panels are all properly lined up when you go to cut it out, with the added bonus that the little bits in the middle would be kept together.

The next step is to die cut the ribbon, just make sure to align the die centrally on the four different quadrants.

The last step is to adhere the quadrants to the card base using 3D foamy bits, making sure to support the areas around the ribbon itself.

Technique 2 - Silhouette Print & Cut 
2 coordinating digital papers
1 square white cardstock (13.5x13.5 cm square)
Electronic cutter + sticky mat
Electronic cutter software such as Silhouette Studio, SCAL, ECAL

How to put it together:
To start with, open up your software and make sure your digital papers are available. In the Sihouette Studio, I made sure that my Just For Jen papers were imported to My Patterns Library. 

Next, we need to do that math thing again - four panels for a 13.5x13.5 cm square card would be 6.75x6.75 cm squares. Using this measurement, create four squares of equal size (6.75 cm width x 6.75 cm height). 

Per your software's instructions, fill the squares will your chosen digital paper. In the advanced tab (if applicable) reduce the scale of the pattern, if you want a smaller pattern, like I have. In this step you can easily have 4 different quadrants, it is totally up to you.

When you have your quadrants filled, make sure they are completely lined up so that you get the full 13.5x13.5 cm square.

Next, drag out a cutting file that you would like to cut out, I chose the Cancer Awareness Ribbon, but you can easily do a heart, circle or even a square. Place the image centrally over the quadrants and select all.

In order to get the image cutout, use your "Subract All" function. In the Silhouette Studio software it is under the square icon with an "M" on it. Not wholly sure how the other softwares do it, but I know this is a common feature.

Now it is all about doing your normal "Print & Cut" routine. It should all be perfectly lined up and looking good. :D

And same as the first technique,  adhere the quadrants to the card base using 3D foamy bits, making sure to support the areas around the ribbon itself.

So, there you have it. It really feels like the Silhouette version is more complicated, but really I wanted to detail as much as I could. Once you use this technique, you will always have those tools on demand for other things. :D


  1. oh my Tabbatha I don't know where to start with this card. It is just gorgeous and I love the message that it sends out too. gorgeous
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. This is wonderful Tabbatha. Thank you so much for sharing the technique that you used. I'm sure these details will be very helpful to anyone trying to create a card like this. I've decided now that you can be the clever one in our team and I'll be the dumb creative! Is that a deal? :)
    Anice xx

  3. This is amazing Tabbatha.Such an important message put out there in a beautiful card.Hugs Debbie x


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