01 October, 2014

Have you a Minute or 10?

Hi, Kathy here today and I seem to have been in such a rush lately - so much to do so little time.  So I thought I'd have a go at something I have never, ever found easy - 10 minute cards!

Now I'm not counting printing time in that 10 minutes or so, but, as it happened I had a some pieces of these Winter Wedding papers from Funky Hand lying on my desk (I'll show you why, later), so the only printing I needed to do was an extra A5 piece of the dark blue pinstripe  as I didn't have a piece big enough to make the background square
How easy is this card then?  I think these papers work so well for a geometric layout like this.
A big square, a smaller square and a little one to fix the monogram to.
The banner is just a rectangle with the points hand=cut, and the "brads" were made just with a small circle punch and shaped with an embossing ball tool.
The monogram is a chipboard sticker so no work there either.

I still had a few scraps so I thought I'd have another go

The 2 layers for the banner are made the same way as above.
The circle is a Spellbinders Nestie die
As luck would have it I had a spare printed "Happy Birthday" sentiment left over from something else 
(I'd printed 2 at the same time as I wasn't sure which font I liked best for a project)
Okay, so I'll admit deciding to make a little rosette pushed this over the 10 minutes, but not by much.  It's just a strip of paper, scored using my scoring board, folded up quickly and glued onto a punched circle of card. 
 It didn't take long. 
The centre of the rosette is another punched circle (a bit larger than the ones on the first card), shaped with a ball tool again and glued in place
Probably took 15 minutes max to make this one

So, what cards can you make in 10-15 minutes>  If you have a go, don't forget to let us know where we can see your creations

Oh yes, I was going to show what I'd been making with these papers wasn't I?
That's it for this time, thanks for visiting - don't go without leaving a message, we'd all love to hear from you ;)


  1. Great idea dearie.sometimes it's good to challenge ourselves.will have to give it a go.love your cards,they show the papers off beautifully.hugs x

  2. Why is it that your 10 min cards look like my 1 hour cards? and your 1 hour cards look like something I could never make? Craft ability I suppose! These creations are fantastic Kathy. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas with us. Anice xx


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