08 March, 2014

Little Boxes

Hi there
Kathy here this time and I've a tutorial to share
I've made a few of these little boxes now and they are quite simple to make. I've used Spellbinders Nesties Label 26 for the top and base sections of my box, and kept to a simple square shape for the actual box section.
 There are lots of photos, which I hope will make it nice and easy to follow

Start off by printing your chosen Funky Hand designs onto both sides of some white card.  I like to use a basic textured Bazzill type card (cut to A4), but just printing onto any white card would be fine.
I've used a few different designs as you'll see in the photos, but you could just make the box using one or two designs.  You''ll need a couple of sheets of printed card.  I've used our current Forgotten Funky spotlight collection "Minty Madness" for this box. 
 If you scroll down the blog a bit you'll find a whole array of other lovely projects using this collection
You'll also need some thicker card - I use card cut from an empty cereal packet
From the printed card
*Cut a 6cm wide strip from the long side.  Crease at 4cm as shown in the photo above
*Cut 4 of the 2nd largest Spellbinders Nesties Labels 26 die. Ink the edges and adhere 2 of each (if using different designs) together - be as accurate as possible. These will be the base and top of your box
* Cut 2 pieces measuring  9cm square

From the cereal packet
* Cut 6 or 7 (depending on thickness)  pieces measuring 6.5cm square
* Glue just 2 of the card squares together and set aside for the base section

* Trim a tiny fraction (1 - 1.5mm only) from 2 adjoining sides (not opposite ones - you need to keep the shape square) of each of the other squares and then glue them together. It's important not to trim away too much or the lid will be too loose at the end
Cover the card squares with the 9cm squares, wrapping around and making the corners as neat as you can.  Set the thicker of the squares aside for now
Using the thinner covered cereal packet piece, line up and mark the long strip as shown so that it will wrap around all 4 sides and have an overlap at the end. Make creases and cut slits up to the 2cm fold line
* Adhere the square piece to the side strip starting with the second section along.  Next glue the third and fourth sections under, and then the overlap.  Apply glue to the outside of the overlap piece and then glue the first section in place to cover it, and end up neatly at the corner of the box

 The underneath should look like this
Now apply glue to the box you've created and centre over one of the die cut pieces.  If you've done as I did and used 2 different designs, you'll need to decide which will be on the "inside" edges and which will be the outer ones
Finally adhere the thicker cereal packet piece to the 2nd of the die cut sections.
Trimming those tiny slivers from the card squares should mean that the lid will fit nicely into the top edge of the box - have a quick check before the glue has dried completely, then if you find the fit isn't snug enough, take the cereal packet piece off quickly and cover with another square of paper - that might just be enough to make it work
 It looks a bit dull and boring at the moment, doesn't it? 
But the fun can begin now because it's time to decorate!
I've made a couple of other boxes in the same way - these have both been shown here before, but hey, I might as well show them again

This one uses the same Labels 26 die as the one above, and the papers are from the Christmas 2013 "Silent Night" download collection

This next box is made the same way, but I've used a nesting heart set of dies by MFT Die'Namics to cut the shapes. These papers are from the gorgeous "Winter Wedding" download collection

They are fun to make and easy too - and of course Funky Hand papers make it really simple to get exactly the look you want. 
 I hope you'll have a go - and if you do I would soooo love to see your boxes, so please don't forget to let us know

Happy Crafting


  1. Wow brilliant tutorial Kathy.I must have a go.Thanks for sharing with us.Love all these boxes - so pretty.Hugs x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with us Kathy. I will be having a go now. Though I imagine I wont make them as beautifully as you do.
    Anice xx


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