28 February, 2014

Forgotten Funky Minty Madness Showcase!!

Good Morning everyone!!!

Its that time of month again for our 'Forgotten Funkies' showcase!!! and each month our fabulous Funkette's will be here on our blog showing off some new makes with our older downloads. 
Today's showcase is centered all around the gorgeously fresh 'Minty Madness' download. Just look at these stunning papers, they are too good to be forgotten!!!
Minty Madness downloadable craft paper
So that's enough of my wafflies - you want to see what our gorgeous girls have come up with don't you?!!! ok, ok here they are.......

Please click on their names if you want to pop in to their personal blogs for more details as we just wanted to show off the pretties here!  Their personal blogs are full of details of how they created their makes so you don't want to miss that!






  1. oh lots of minty madness ladies.Fab x

  2. All of these creations are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them and freshening up the Minty Madness download. HaHa! I'm here all week!
    Anice xx

  3. What fabulous makes showing just how fabulous (and versatile) the papers are xxx


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