15 December, 2013

A Stylish Christmas Coffee

Hello hello! Tabbatha here today! I’m continuing on with the fabulous Christmas cards that the ladies have been showing on the blog. 9 days left until Christmas Eve (Julafton)! I can’t believe 2013 is over, I swear it just began. :)

For my card today I wanted to show off the fabulous I Love You More Than Coffee digital stamp that Anice has made for us. It will be available under the Digital Stamps section of the Funky Hand site – and trust me you’ll want to grab it! Although the digi stamp is all about coffee, complete with a great sentiment, I chose to mask the sentiment and create a Christmas Themed 3D Paper Pieced Takeaway Coffee Shaped Card! Yup, I combined three techniques into this card.

Ok, so what are we doing today?

Well, glad you asked! Today I’ll be going over how you can create your own shaped card using a fab digital stamp using just a graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop. This technique works for pretty much any graphics editor or vector editor like Adobe Illustrator, GIMP (which is free!) as well as the super simple Trace, Print & Cut in Silhouette Studio.

To get this card created, I first sized and paper pieced the I Love You More Than Coffee digital stamp using the Stylish Tree downloadable backing papers. Since I was 3D paper piecing this piece, I paper pieced three different copies of the cup, making sure to mask the sentiment, and then fussy cut and glued together the dimensional pieces. To finish the top off, I printed and cut different Christmas themed cutting files I had from the Silhouette Store. You can easily stamp your own Christmas sentiment or image right there on the label though – that is the beauty of masking and digital images!

So…on to that nifty little cardbase thing.

Here is the how the card looks opened up (you’ll notice a color difference, that is because silly Tabbatha here forgot to get inside pics of this Christmas card, but instead I’m using the previous card I made). :)

The idea is to trace the digital image, duplicate and flip it, combine and then stroke. This leaves a great outline that can be easily printed out on cardstock and cut with scissors!

Step 1. To get started, Open a copy of the I Love You More Than Coffee 1 PNG file, this is the one that has a white image on a transparent background. Size the image to a width of 8.49 cm, making sure the Maintain Aspect Ratio (the chain) is ON.

Step 2. Using the Magic Tool (left hand toolbar) select the transparent area outside of the image. You will know you have a selection when you see dancing ants around the border.

Step 3. Once you have the selection go up to Select > Inverse, this will select the cup itself (make sure there are dancing ants ONLY around the cup). Create a New Layer and fill the layer with black.

Step 4. This is where we make the card base. Duplicate (Copy/Paste) the solid black image and move it so that it sits slightly overlapped to the left of the first black image. This might be easier by first making a New File (A4 size) and copying the black cup into it. Make sure the duplicate is selected in your layers menu then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. (Just imagine my cup outlines are actually completely filled in with black!)

Step 5. Now we need to merge the two black images. Again, making sure that the cups are overlapped as much as you dare (I left a slight opening on the top, but you can close it up). Select the two black cup layers and Right Click > Merge Layers.

Because the two images were filled in with the same color, this “Merge Layers” acts as a Union (which is the control in Silhouette Studio & Adobe Illustrator).

Step 6.  Now, we don’t want to print out a solid black cardbase, so select the layer and click the little fx button (Add a Layer Style). First apply a white Overlay, then a Stroke in black (I have a stroke of 3 in the screenshot, however I would go thinner when printing so maybe a 1 or 2 and possibly in a different color depending on the cardstock).

Additionally, you want the cardbase to be slightly larger than the digi image itself. I resized the cardbase by simply overlying (in Layers) the digi and Ctrl+T (Edit > Free Transform Path).

This is the finished product, placed on an A4. Once the image is printed, cut around the solid black lines, using an exacto knife for the inner opening. Fold along the dotted line.

The Finished Product

Here is the finished product again! It was such a great project and I LOVE the I Love You More Than Coffee digital stamp – so versatile!


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  1. This technique post is completely amazing Tabbatha. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It could be used in so many crafty situations, fantastic!
    Anice xx


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