13 October, 2013

A Funky Hand Tutorial Part 3 - Categories/Collections

Hello, Tabbatha here again for another Picasa 3 tutorial! I would like to cover one of the best features of Picasa 3 - Categories, also known as Collections.

Today's post will follow the process of downloading the Spooky Dookie paper collection, and adding it to my Funky Hand Collection. Here is the finished creation, once I had the download on my computer and picked the papers via Picasa 3.


 The thing about creating layered cards, especially those that are themed is that it can be difficult finding the papers you have in mind. Picasa 3 not only lets me browse through all my digital paper folders without the constant opening/closing, but it also lets me retain the file structure on my hard drive.


I utilize my Categories/Collections as a way to separate papers from my digital stamps, my finished projects, as well as other printables. I also have all my scrapbooking/cardmaking related digital supplies named similarly, so they are easier to scroll through in Picasa 3. One thing I should note, Folders vs Albums & Collections. Picasa 3 utilizes the folder structure of those folders you imported, so if you move a file in Picasa from one folder to another, that is the same as moving it on your hard drive. Albums & Collections, however, exist only in Picasa.

Once I downloaded and moved the Spooky Dookie Downloads into my Funky Hand folder on my computer, Picasa scans that folder and shows it under the "Folders" Collection.

From here, it is a matter about right clicking and selecting the "Move to Collection". This is when you create a new collection or add it to an already established one. In my case, I added it to my Scrapbooking - Funky Hand collection.

Collections/Categories are yet another way to organize Picasa 3, while maintaining your original file structure, and that is absolutely why I use this program. On my hard drive, I organize things by type (paper, embellishment, printable, digi stamp), Artist, then by (in the case of my papers) Collections. Setting up the Collections in Picasa are super easy and an efficient and lets me maintain that. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I've encouraged you to try this organizational tool in order speed up the creative process. We all know that that the less time we have to find what we are looking for, the more time we can get our glueing on! :D


  1. Another fantastic tutorial Tabbatha.Loving the spooky pop up ghost in the card.Fab.Hugs Debbie x

  2. I'm with Debbie, another wonderful tutorial Tabbatha. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us..and your card ROCKS !
    Anice xx

  3. eeeeep! oh wow I so love the card Tab and I just soak up all your tutorials hun, they really are great, thank you so much for sharing them xxx


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