27 November, 2012

Welcome to the all new Get Funky And Craft Blog

I'm really pleased to introduce you to the Get Funky Design Teams new inspiration and technique blog.

We thought it was about time that we were able to share with you crafty creations of all different shapes,sizes and styles.

From Wednesday this week we will be bringing you craft inspiration to get your mojos on the move.  There will be a post from a different member of the Funky Hand Design Team each Wednesday and then one over the weekend either Saturday or Sunday.

We are very excited about being able to offer you ideas and techniques that we have had or learned.  Ever crafter is welcome here if you are a beginner or a more seasoned crafter.  There will be something twice a week to interest you all.

I hope you like the new look of the blog and you enjoy the ideas that we offer to you over the coming months.

I'll see you on Wednesday with our first post.
Don't just craft, Get Funky And Craft!
Anice xx 


  1. Hi Anice
    and 'Well Done' on the new look blog!
    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us crafters
    Great Stuff



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