28 February, 2014

Forgotten Funky Minty Madness Showcase!!

Good Morning everyone!!!

Its that time of month again for our 'Forgotten Funkies' showcase!!! and each month our fabulous Funkette's will be here on our blog showing off some new makes with our older downloads. 
Today's showcase is centered all around the gorgeously fresh 'Minty Madness' download. Just look at these stunning papers, they are too good to be forgotten!!!
Minty Madness downloadable craft paper
So that's enough of my wafflies - you want to see what our gorgeous girls have come up with don't you?!!! ok, ok here they are.......

Please click on their names if you want to pop in to their personal blogs for more details as we just wanted to show off the pretties here!  Their personal blogs are full of details of how they created their makes so you don't want to miss that!





27 February, 2014

Funky Thursday

Morning lovely crafters,

It's Debbie here who has to agree that the new downloads released this week are fantastic. I decided to do a post today to show you that the Button Babies paper download doesn't have to be used for new babies etc. 

As always the lovely Anice adds some fab papers to the collection that can be used for any occasion.

It amazed me that the flowers were die-cut out of left over pieces of paper and card that I had printed out when making my baby cards etc.. with the new Button baby girl or boy digital stamps. So don't forget to check your left over bit box before you cut into or print out a new backing paper.

These papers are bound to brighten anyone's day as they are soft and subtle yet not too pretty.

I used to shove all my left overs into a box but now I use plastic pockets to store the paper collections I use so that I know to try there first before printing.
Where do you keep all your left overs? 

I know it's not the best storage system but it works for me - I should label them but I seem to know where most of the collections are from.

We'd love to see what you make with this new download or any funkyhand products. Come on don't be shy.....
Why not leave a comment below with your blog address or pop onto our Facebook page.

Remember to pop back tomorrow for something minty?????

Love Debbie x

24 February, 2014

New digital stash coming at Ya!

Hello everyone, Anice popping in sneakily again when it isn't her day to post!

I want to share the fab new releases, even if I say so myself!, we have for you on the Funky Hand website. www.funkyhand.com  To start 2014 off (I know it's already February just humour me OK..) I thought I would head into Baby making.  Now stop that..I mean making Baby cards!

I have one new backing paper collection and two digital stamps to show you today. But don't go away after you have looked at them because there are another two stamps for you to 'Takeaway'  But less of my chat, here are the releases and just a taste of the amazing creations from the Design Team. To see all of the card samples click on the images and be taken to the product pages on the website where you can purchase the downloads and take a good look at the galleries.

First up, Button Babies Paper Collection.

Twenty backing papers, ten in blue and ten in pink. Perfect to make any new baby cards. Here is some inspiration..

A cute topper for your Baby girl cards, Button Baby Girl 

and for the little boy cards, Button Baby Boy
There are alot more fantastic example cards over on the website so click on the images to be taken to the galleries.

Next up, the new Takeaway Digital stamps.  I know when I want to say 'I Love You' to someone I don't always want a cute image and these coffee takeaway digital stamps are perfect for those cards.

First up Coffee Love
and finally  I Like Coffee

Both of these digital stamps are great to colour or paper piece, whichever you prefer.

The digital stamps are not coloured, the coloured images are just for you information. They are all black outlines.  You will receive 1 x Jpeg  and 2 x Png versions of each of the images when you purchase.

Well, I've been very pleased to introduce these new products to you, and I don't think the Design Team members will notice that I have slipped in and posted here when it wasn't my turn.  What do you think?!

To take a closer look at any of these new releases just click on the relevant images and you will be taken right there. 

Speak again very soon.
Anice xx 

20 February, 2014

How to make paper roses.

Hi everyone Anice here again,

I don't know about you but I always love seeing those amazing creations where the crafter has created their own coordinating roses. This month I thought I would share a technique that I have only just learned. Making paper roses. So, rather than me chatting on lets get on with the tut.

OK, these are the roses that I made using this technique,

So, to get started you need to cut out four flower shapes that have six petals.  I realised that there is a template on the Funky Hand CD Wishes and Kisses that provided just what I needed.  I picked a paper from one of the collections on that CD, but you could use any of the papers from any of the Papercraft Factory CDs that you have on your PC.

You need the flower shapes, a pair of scissors and wet glue.  I printed these onto normal photocopying paper but the better paper you print on the better quality flowers you will get.

Cut out the four flower shapes and ink around the edges of them.  You don't have to ink them but I think it gives them a nice finished look at the end.  The other flowers that you have printed can be saved for another time.

Once you have cut out the flower shapes cut a large circle out the middle of each of them.  Try to do it a little better than I have in this picture!  My 'circles' are more pear shaped.

Next, roll down the ends of each the petals using a tooth pick or something like that. Whatever you have to hand in your craft box.  I used my 'brad hole maker' Be careful if you do the same as me..it's pretty sharp, I have the pricks on my fingers to prove it!

This is where it gets slightly more complicated, not that much though!  Cut the four flower shapes into separate 'petals' as above in the image. It's simple, leave one flower shape whole.(No1)  The next one, cut out one petal. (That's No2 and No6)  The third cut off  two petals, (No3 and No5) Finally, cut the fourth flower shape in half, three petals (No4)  The other three petals set aside.  You don't need them for this flower. You will also notice that there is a circle of paper.  This is to stick your flower petals on to.

Next, folding the flower shapes gently sticking each one together. Do this by overlapping and gluing two petals on each shape as you see above. I've attached the first flower shape to the base circle in this picture.  No6, the single petal, is a little tricky as it has to roll up on just itself but take your time you will be able to do it.

To create the flower just layer each set of petals in size inside of each other adding glue carefully to the edges before you stick them.  Make sure that you allow the glue to dry a little before adding the next one.  If you are lucky enough to have a glue gun, this is the time to get it out.  If you don't, like me, you can still do it.  As you add each section of the flower remember to twist it slightly so the petals don't all sit in a line.

Here is the purple rose and a brown one 'I made earlier'!. I think it would be a good idea to print a backing paper on the reverse of the original sheet of flower shapes before you cut them out as you wouldn't then get any flashes of white underneath the petals.

I think they have turned out pretty well.  I still need some more practice and if you know anything about me, you will know that my right hand doesn't work that well, so if I can make these with one and a half hands just think what you can do!

I'm off to use these on a project.  I'll pop back in a few days and show you what I have made.

I hope that this has inspired you to give making a paper rose ago. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.  I always love to hear what you have to say. Until next time.
Anice x

14 February, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Sending you all lots of love today.  I hope you have all be flooded with cards, flowers and loads of the craft stash you have been dreaming of..No?  Nor me!

Have a big kiss from Funky Hand..
Anice xx

12 February, 2014

DT Marleen

Morning blogger friends..

Marleen here..
Its my turn to share inspiration today.
Ive made a little card to share with you all.

For this card I use the "Hairy & Scary" papers as well as the "Mr & Mrs Doodleword" digital image.
Both can be found in the Funky Hand STORE...

Dont ask me why, but I decided to colour my doodle word in colouring pencils. Its not something I do very often, but for this card, I just felt it fitted really well.

I cut out 2 of the little balls from the left over paper and mounted one in each corner on foampads.
It doesnt show up too well on the card, but doing this, did give the card a little more debth to it.

And that is it from me today. I hope you liked what Ive made.
Thank you for stopping by and for any comments left behind.
Please visit my blog, if you wish to see more of my work 


06 February, 2014

Take it Away!


Better late than never, as they say....
It's Kathy here with some Midweek Funky Fun - are you looking for something a bit different to make for your Valentine this February 14th?
 Coming soon to the Funky Hand Shop are some fab and quirky Takeaway coffee cups with messages just perfect for your Valentine.
I've made two cards using two of the new downloads - but which to give to my hubby, I can't decide!
Both were made by printing the downloaded images direct to the papers I wanted to use, then all I had to do was some cutting and layering. 
The coffee cups were mounted on box hinges; imagine the outer piece of a matchbox - you stick one side to your card and the opposite side to your image, leaving the other 2 sides loose, When all is dried you can push on the image piece to make it lie flat and fit into an envelope.  
The coffee cups stand right out from the background for display.
I really love using these hinges - they are so simple but so effective

These downloads will be available from the Funky Hand Shop really soon and I'm sure they'll be useful for all sorts of occasions, not just Valentines! There are also some other versions with different messages coming up soon so please keep checking back to the shop to see if they are "brewed" yet ;)

 For the 1st card the papers are from "Tea's Up!"priced at £3,49
For the 2nd card I used papers from the "I Love You Sew" download collection priced at £3.19

I hope you like these cards and maybe you'll have a go at making one yourself - we'd really love to see your creations. 
Thanks for visiting, see you next time for more Funky Inspiration

Happy Crafting

05 February, 2014

Win a copy of Love Love Love.

A nice short post from me today..it's Anice by the way!  I'd like you all to enter into this short competition to win a copy of Love Love Love.  Why should I? I hear to say.  Well not only could you win a copy of the paper collection but you all get a Funky Freebie.  Take a look at this very short video for the info..

So, do you want to have a chance to win?  Just download the Funky Freebie off the Funky Hand website and be in the draw.  But remember, you only have until Midnight (GMT) Thursday 6th February to grab the Freebie to be in the competition.  The Freebie will still be there until the end of the month but the chance to win wont be.  Have you noticed a theme to this post?  Everything is short!  Why are you still here?  Get over to www.funkyhand.com and grab that Funky Freebie now!

Anice x

02 February, 2014

Thinking of you.

Just For Jen downloadable backing papers.

Remember this paper collection from last year?

I thought it would be perfect for creating some 'thinking of you' cards.

All I needed to add to the papers was some chipboard and ink and the sentiment came from the 'All a Girl Needs' stamp set.

Remember a £1.00 from each digital paper set sold goes to Cancer Research. :)

Stay Funky!